mobileo is a complete digital solution for mobile workforce management automation. Our software platform enables you to streamline and automate business operations processes involved with managing your mobile workers.

Saving you both time and money.

There are two parts to our mobile workforce management software:

  • a user-friendly web-based management system to be used by managers and end clients.
  • a mobile application compatible with Android and Apple IOS.

Managers and supervisors are using the software to monitor the performance and activities of their mobile workforce in real-time based on cloud, GPS and NFC (Near Field Communication) or QR (Quick Response code) tracking technologies. Field workers start their shift by logging to mobileo, our user-friendly app by scanning NFC or QR checkpoints to confirm location and time information which is sent in real-time to a live dashboard.

In addition, field workers are using the mobileo app to record and report on their daily activities and tasks in real-time. In the field, workers use the app to complete tasks, write reports and attach pictures in digital format quickly and easily.

This information is fed back in real time to the web management dashboard, where management and office staff now has real-time visibility of their workers and their activity.

Mobile Features

Real-time Syncing
All your mobile worker’s activities are sent to the web application, in real-time giving office staff and managers increased visibility of field activities.

Get real-time validation for mobile workers activity and location inside buildings by using our mobile app to scan tags based on NFC and QR tracking technologies.

Site Plan
Provide your staff access building drawing and photos in digital format to help them learn and easily navigate through the most complex facilities and routes.

Monitor and validate your mobile worker’s task completion and performance in real-time without the need for follow-up calls and additional reporting.

Help your mobile workers to be more productive by using the mobile app to record their daily activity in digital format using notes and photos.

Have your mobile workers write inspection or job completion reports in a digital format with photos and share them in real-time with the office staff.

Email Notifications
Streamline operations by sending real-time email notifications automatically to office staff, mobile workers or clients on important events and activities.

Lone Worker
Use real-time automated check-in and timely alerts for presence confirmation to protect your mobile workers and ensure compliance with local and regional health & safety regulations.

Offline Working
Provide your mobile workforce with the flexibility to work offline and data will sync automatically once a network connection becomes available.

Web Portal Features

Live Monitoring
View and manage your entire operations staff, in real-time from one screen to control workflow and address any issues quickly and effectively.

GPS tracking
Have instant visibility into the location of your mobile workers in a visual map based on GPS real-time location-based tracking technology.

Time Tracking
Use automation to take the guesswork out of employee’s time tracking. Get accurate and detailed timesheets by employee and date range to view hours worked.

Activity Logs
Analyze your mobile worker’s activity logs to increase visibility to operations and make informed and educated decisions that are based on business analytics.

Activity Map
Have access to your entire mobile workers GPS location and status of activity through a visual and client location on an integrated map

Client Portal
Keep your clients loyal by providing them online access to view their site activity through a user-friendly web portal to ensure they are happy with the quality of service delivered.

Organize all information and instructions related to the duties and responsibilities of your mobile workers in the most efficient way, with visual information and easily accessible.

Mobile Units
Monitor the activity and performance of your mobile workers in real-time when they use a car to visits client’s sites to do their daily tasks.

Cloud Storage
All information related to the mobile worker’s activity is sync in real-time to the web application automatically and saved in cloud storage which can be accessed from any place.

mobileo is a customizable solution that offers a wide range of features to meet your businesses requirements. Working closely with you and your team, we will deliver a solution that helps improve the productivity and profitability of your business.