Solution for Security Guarding Companies

  • Accurate information from the job in real-time
  • Easily inform your client on-site activity
  • Live dashboard to monitor security guard’s activity
  • Ensuring a safe process for all mobile workers to follow

The security industry is known to be a very hectic and high-risk environment which is heavily relies on the human factor to deliver security guarding services. One of the biggest challenges of security guarding companies is the ability to effectively monitor the performance and activity of their mobile workforce. Security companies that don’t use automation technology for mobile workforce management are facing many challenges, that have a direct effect on their productivity and profitability.

We support clients in this industry by offering a complete digital solution for security workforce management. mobileo solution helps security companies to automates and streamline business operations.

Enabling you the client to eliminate paper-based processes, improve communication and reduce administration time and costs via full visibility of activities. Clients are experiencing increased productivity.

Reduce Operations Costs

Increase Guards Accountability

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Improved Health & Safety Compliance