Solution for Home Healthcare Companies

  • Real-time location visibility
  • Tracking employee’s clock in/out and timesheets
  • Provide better service to your clients
  • View activity reports from a live dashboard

You are a health care professional managing a team of carers visiting patients in their home. Home care and hospice workers must be flexible with locations and client needs. They also need to show up on time for every shift—whether to drive clients to an appointment, pick up a prescription or simply aid with household tasks or personal care.

mobileo app keeps your workers honest and reliable and your records straight by tracking employee time with 100% accuracy. You can login from anywhere to the mobileo cloud-based software and check our live dashboard to easily monitor and track the location and activity of your caregivers in real-time based on cloud, GPS and NFC (Near Field Communication) or QR (Quick Response code) tracking technologies. Caregivers start their shift by logging to mobileo, our user-friendly app by scanning NFC or QR checkpoints to confirm location and time information which is sent in real-time to a live dashboard.

When caregivers visiting patients in their home to do their work, they use the mobileo app to write notes and take photos to document their activities and create patient report if required, all the information is sent in real-time to live dashboard providing proof that your caregivers were at the patient home on time, performing the services and give the family members of the patient that peace of mind that he is on good hands.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Carer Accountability

Reduction in office Admin costs