Solution for Field Services Companies

  • Accurate information from the job in real-time
  • Easily inform your client on job progress
  • Instant insight into what’s happening in the field
  • Enforce a safe process for mobile workers to follow

You want to use the latest innovations in technology to give you a competitive edge and provide excellent quality service and maintain high levels of client satisfaction so that contract renewal rates remain high. mobileo, our leading mobile workforce management software platform enables field service businesses, stay in control of the workflow and have real-time communication between the office, workers and clients is of great importance. Due to greater connectivity, any problem that arises can be dealt with instantly, therefore reducing client complaints and maintaining a high reputation within the field service industry.

The umbrella term ‘field service’ includes industries such as plumbing, heating, electrical, ventilation and property maintenance, but can be generalised into the following Installation, maintenance and repair

Manage and monitor the activity of your mobile workforce in real-time, allow mobile staff such as drivers, engineers or contractors to login to the mobileo app to see their tasks for the day: the location, what equipment they’ll need to collect prior to starting the job and any special instructions. Managers or office
staff can log into the system at any time in order to create or view the status of task completion.

This real-time information between mobile workers and the office allows transparent communication throughout the business, meaning you can update your clients, manage more efficiently and step in before any problems arise.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Staff Productivity

Job Completion