Solution for Facilities Management Services Companies

  • Settle disputes easily
  • Provide better service to your clients
  • Proof of job completion
  • Enforce a process

Have real-time visibility to all the facilities you manage and provide indisputable proof of the services you are providing to your clients.

In the Facilities Management industry as with any service industry efficiency is paramount. You need to be able to manage your mobile workforce effectively and provide the tools to do their job faster and better to support your mobile workers, who are out in the field completing a range of support, maintenance and emergency repairs. On the backend, your office staff is relying on the mobile workers to send reports on job completion and any other type of communication quickly and in the most efficiently.

We support clients in this industry to streamline their workflow process through our leading mobile workforce management software platform. Enabling them to eliminate paper-based processes, improve communication, reduce administration time and costs and give management real-time visibility of activities.

Clients are experiencing increased productivity and efficiency allowing them to remain competitive in this market.

View job status, tasks, photos, notes and reports of work completed. Validate non-compliances instantly to eliminate potential disputes.

Increased Customer

Increased Staff

Job Completion