Solution for Cleaning Services Companies

  • Automatically record timesheets
  • Cleaners can send information to the office instantly
  • View the location of cleaners
  • Automatically notify the office on tasks completion

We offer an ideal solution for cleaning companies. Easy to use and user-friendly mobile workforce management software platform to monitor the performance and activity of your cleaners effectively. While, saving on administration time and travel costs.

By using mobileo software platform to monitor and validate in real-time that cleaning assignments at the site cleaning are completed. Cleaning companies have a reliable tool to prove that they deliver quality cleaning services to their clients.

When cleaners are working at the client site, they use the mobileo app to write notes and take photos to document their activities and report on cleaning jobs completion, all the information is sent in real-time to live dashboard providing proof that your cleaners were at the site on time, performing the services your client paid for.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Staff Productivity

Admin & Claims

Improved Health & Safety Compliance