We have over 50 security guards in our company and with the help of Guard Center application we are able streamline and automate our business operations, it works like a clock 24/7 and if I do have a problem, I call support and get a quick response and professional service

Ricky Brantley
Viking Defense, President


As President and CEO of Viking Defense, Ricky Brantley brings over 17 years of law enforcement experience with the Department of U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, and over 16 years of security background.

Since 2008 Viking Defence is providing quality security services in the Miami area. What started out as a company with one contract and two employees has grown to a full-service security firm working 23 contracts and more than 51 employees. From quality-driven employees to quick emergency responses, we work hard to provide affordable solutions to meet our clients need. Whether you need nightly or scheduled service, our team is committed to your complete satisfaction.


  • Validate that security guards are on-site and started their shift
  • Monitor guard’s activity in real-time
  • Move away from pen and paper-based operations to a digital platform


Supervisors were unable to accurately validate that security guards are on-site and have started their shift in addition to the process of supervision and monitoring guard’s activity was not efficient due to lack of automation and real-time technology.

Client sites were not monitored effectively by the operations team due to the lack of visibility in real-time to the guard’s location and activity during their shifts.

This process was particularly inefficient when dealing with frequent emergency calls and incident reports during a shift. Another issue had to with using paper-based forms that cause delays in getting incident reports and information back to the office and send them to their clients.
Being unable to accurately report on guard’s location and activity in real-time had an effect on the productivity of the operations team and guard’s performance, which was the main driver for Viking Defense to look of a mobile workforce management automation solution like Guard Center.


In September 2018 Ricky Brantley, the President and CEO of Viking Defense contacted Guard Center, a leading security workforce management application for business automation and within a month of getting in touch, they had completed both a demonstration and a trial to ensure that Guard Center application meets all the business requirements of Viking Defense.

Implementing Guard Center application enabled the Viking Defense team to streamline the business operations and automate many manual procedures that used to take a lot of time to complete.

This is how the Viking Defense operations team is using the platform to manage their sites: security guard’s login to Guard Center easy to use android or iPhone app from their phone, they start their shifts by scanning a master NFC checkpoint and during the shift they use the app to scan checkpoints in different locations at the site, they also take notes, photos and write incident reports as needed … all in digital format.

All the information about the guard activity is sent in real-time to a live activity monitor in Guard Center application which can be checked by managers and supervisors 24/7 from any computer with internet access.


  • Increase in the quality of security services delivered to clients
  • 20% increase in workforce productivity and management efficiency
  • Easier execution and enforcement of businesses processes, company policies and procedures

Customer satisfaction
The implementation Guard Center application had a significant impact on the quality of security services delivered to Viking Defense clients, thanks to the capabilities to validate in real-time guards’ proof of present and activity at the site level.

Furthermore, client’s complaints can be rectified with enforced photos, this provides proof that the guard was on site and completed the shift activity as expected, with features such as GPS tracking and checkpoints scanned activity log.

The operations center is now able to address issues quickly and easily without interrupting the supervisor and customers feel better informed and have the peace of mind that their sites are properly protected.

Increased productivity and efficiency
Implanting Guard Center application provides a more efficient way to manage and monitor mobile workers activity in real-time. Previously, the management team would demand updates, which couldn’t always be answered due to technology limitations.

Now there is transparency within the company because of the instant transfer of the data and information in real-time between the field workers and office staff.

Using the Guard Center application enable to have better control over the workforce activity and helped automate many procedures that were used to be done manually.

This has resulted in a 20% increase in workforce productivity and management efficiency.

Enforcing a process
Using the Guard Center mobile app enable guards to scan NFC checkpoints, take notes with pictures and write incident reports as needed, these abilities removes the need for a supervisor to travel around all the sites to check the standard of work.

This has reduced fuel costs, increased productivity and allowed for greater time management.

The enforced process has also meant that Viking Defence is creating a new standard for delivery of modern security services to their clients and by taking a proactive approach, the Guard Center application helps the office staff and the operations team to identify problems at the site level right away and address them quickly.