Security Guard Management Solutions

Security companies are always looking for effective security guard management solutions. And the reason is very clear running a security company is not easy due to the nature of the business.

In addition, the business owners have a lot of responsibility and above all, they have clients to serve and employees to manage. In other words things were easy when you were small, however, as you grow running your business becomes more challenging.

The challenges of running a security company

  1. Geeting new clients.
  2. Meeting clients expectations.
  3. Growing competition.
  4. High workforce turnover.
  5. Regulations and compliance.
  6. Low margins and rising costs.

In conclusion, one of the main reason these challenges is the security companies are not using g the right technology. In other words, the current security guard management solutions are not effective and efficient.

What is the best way to over these challenges ?

Technology-based Security Guard Management Solutions

Due to all the challenges mentioned above, integrating a security management solution like Guard Center software is ideal.  Above all in the security guarding industry being efficient and productive are key factors to your business growth and success. Our cloud-based software platform designed to help security guarding companies to automate operations and back-office management.

How it Works ?

Guard Center software is used by managers to monitor the performance and activities of guards and mobile patrol teams in real-time during their shifts. Guards and mobile patrols use an easy to use Android or IOS app to navigate their shifts and complete their daily activities. Clients of security companies have access to an easy to a user-friendly Web Portal to check the site activities.

Guard Center offers you several great tools you need to succeed like:

  1. Sales tool – Impress your clients with your real-time security workforce management system to help and user Guard Center to get new clients easily and keep your existing ones loyal and happy.
  2. Training tool – Save time and money on training your new employees and make sure they comply with all industry standards, government regulations, and your company policies easily.
  3. Reporting tool – Save your employees time using automated digital reports and go paperless. In Addition, you can access past activity log very easily from any computer device with internet access.
  4. Communication tool – Optimize communications with your employees and prioritize your calls to improve productivity and streamline operations.
  5. Monitoring tool – Guard Center help your guards do their job better and easier. Abobe all the software guaranteed proof of present and document all incidents with digital photos, notes, and more.

In conclusion, Guard Center puts you in control of your entire security workforce so you can focus on growing your business. And it comes at an affordable price regardless of the size of your company. Contact us now and let Guard Center handle all of the work for you.

Security Industry Trends

The security industry is going through major changes due to market forces and new technologies that provide new guard management solutions. As a result of these changes, now security companies to deal with new challenges and make adjustments to their business model to comply with the latest Trends in Security Guard Management.