Growing Your Security Company in the New Digital Age

There are different ways on how technologies are changing our industry and creating a totally new standard for delivering security services. This information will help you to be more proactive and adapt to change quickly instead of delaying and missing this digital revolution.

Running a security company has never been easy. Every day is full of challenges and unexpected emergencies such as getting new clients, meeting client expectations, staying competitive in a cutthroat industry, managing high workforce turnover and maintaining employee training, supervising compliance with company policies and industry regulations, staying profitable and keeping on top of a mountain of paperwork.

So how can you make it all easier and have more time to grow your security company? The answer is simple: security workforce management software. The security industry has been around for a long time and new technologies have always improved the way security services are provided: security gear, transportation, uniforms, communication tools, electronics. Over time all of them have had a great impact on the security industry by improving the quality of security services and adding more value to the end client. In the last decade, mobile and cloud technologies have been making their way into many industries and the security industry is no exception. In fact, mobile technology is an absolutely perfect fit for a mobile security workforce in a security company.

More and more clients are refusing to contract guarding services that don’t have security workforce management software with mobile and real-time capabilities. In the past two or three years, the entire guarding industry has been going through a major digital transformation. Many existing operation procedures are not needed anymore and multiple legacy technologies have become obsolete.

Security workforce management software is a new industry standard for your security company. It is changing the way security services are provided and all involved parties interact. Make sure to take the right turn and enter this new digital era so that your security operations can be fully transparent and you can manage your entire workforce in real time.

Security workforce management software connects everyone and tremendously improves the effectiveness and efficiency of all your security operations. Your security guards and mobile patrols have access to all the important information and multiple useful features through mobile phones which become their main work tool. Your supervisors and dispatch can see all the events in real time and can be proactive. Your management team can get access to any information with just a few clicks. And your clients can receive reports and notifications via emails or web portal.

To get started, you don’t need IT professionals or to invest in expensive hardware and software. All you need is a Guard Center account for your company, a computer with internet access, an Android phone with NFC connectivity, and some inexpensive NFC tags which you can buy either online or locally. That’s all you’re all set and ready to go digital.

While designing Guard Center, we were focused not only on important security features that will help you but also on a very important and practical goal: it must be really easy for anyone to use. So this is how it works:

  1. We create an account for your company and send you your login credentials.
  2. You add your clients your sites and your employees.
  3. Then your authorized employees configure your sites and planned security procedures.
  4. Now your guards, dispatchers, and managers and supervisors are all connected I can start using Guard Center.
  5. Your clients could be notified about important events by email or you can give them access via your web portal and decide which information they could see online.
  6. Guard Center is a flexible platform so you can modify and optimize your security operations on the go.

guard center process

Guard Center has many features and options which your security guards and mobile patrols will use every day for your security company. You can decide what you need for any specific client or site and it just the software accordingly. We help your employees to do their jobs faster easier with attention to detail and in a much safer environment.

Guard Center software will entirely change your daily routine reduce stress and free up a lot of your time. These are the most important benefits you get when you start using Guard Center:

  • More sales – Bring Guard Center with you too every sales meeting with your prospects. Use it as your sales tool to make your sales more engaging and impressive.
  • Competitive advantage – Don’t wait. Innovate and get ahead of your competitors.
  • Efficiency – Now you can see all of your operations in real time, resolve issues before they become problems, and be proactive like never before.
  • Accountability – With Guard Center, you can set clear expectations and responsibilities both with your clients and your employees.
  • Enhanced security – With this technology you can offer more added value to your customers. Guard Center allows you to take the quality of your security services to the next level.
  • Easy to operate – Guard Center software is very user-friendly with a seamless user experience. Some of our clients started using Guard Center immediately after just one product training.

Now you can focus on growing your business while providing more value to your existing clients.