How to Make Every Guard a Part of Your Team

A Brief Guide to Setting Up your Guard Force

In the cutthroat security industry, providing mediocre security guards will not bring your business to the top or let you achieve the reputation you were looking for. In this industry, reputation is the biggest factor in attracting potential clients and keeping your current ones. Having a poor reputation will make getting new clients harder than it has to be. Enhancing ordinary security guard performance is essential for attracting new customers, securing new contracts and improving your overall reputation in the market.

Steps to increase employee morale and make your security team more capable can be accomplished by making small adjustments to your internal operations:

1.Set High Expectations When Hiring

You want to supply your customers with the best service you can, right? So ensure your applicants possess the essential qualifications, experience and skills necessary to succeed at their role. It goes beyond just looking at their resume. Talk to them; ensure they have the knowledge, attitude and ability that fits your business’ needs. In reality, the perfect candidate isn’t always there, so determining what elements an ideal candidate should have is essential.

Important elements to look for in an interview are qualities like commitment, loyalty and trustworthiness. These elements are the foundation to success. Let’s face it, it’s hard to find gems in this industry so even an inexperienced applicant with strong virtues and work ethic can be moulded into something special.

2. Dication to Proper Training

Many guards don’t receive enough training to do their jobs properly so you should never assume their education or previous experience is enough to meet your expectations. Creating a training program to give your new recruits an introduction that emphasizes and develops the appropriate skills, routine and work ethic is absolutely crucial. This program should also continue throughout their employment to provide continued training as well as refresh guards of operational protocol to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

3. Top Quality Management

It’s no secret, the quality and depth of management determine the performance of the security team. If a security team is consistently providing average performance it’s because managers are allowing it to continue. Managers themselves should set the example by displaying and using their communication, scheduling, time management and problem identification skills. These skills are key for managers to lead their team to be efficient and effective. Managers should always ensure their guards understand what they, as a team are trying to achieve and that they are equipped with the proper skills to be successful.

If a manager is just average and accepts average performance, the team they manage will provide nothing more.

4. Make Performance Expectations Clear

Making expectations clear from day one and continuing to reinforce them is essential to maintain and improve performance. Failing to do this will likely lead to below average performance as guards may forget or simply not know at all what their tasks are and what is to be expected. Repeating these expectations will confirm they know the expectations and can be held accountable when they don’t meet them.  In addition, it brings motivation to the team and gives them an opportunity to ask questions and better their performance.

If guards are meeting expectations, recognize this as an achievement and let them know you appreciate their efforts. Notify them on what they are doing well, and if needed, give them guidance on things they can improve.

5. Offer Incentives

In any career or industry, workers want to know they will be recognized when they are trying their best to provide quality work. Incentives such as; promotion, bonuses, and pay increase can be used to provide vast motivation to your security team. Making these incentives available lets workers know hard work will be seen and rewarded as any guard will wish to achieve them.

Along with job performance, this appreciation for effort has shown to improve employee retention rates, job performance and job satisfaction.

In the competitive security industry having hard working educated guard is essential for success.The steps discussed above help create a culture and mentality for your company that will focus on providing the best service it can and allow your service to keep improving. Furthermore, it will ultimately lead to a better reputation and more success in attracting clients.

How to Build a Distinctive Selling Position in the Security Industry

Building  a Distinctive Selling Position in the Security Industry

In saturated markets, such as physical security, simply providing a quality service is not enough to attract new clients. Standing out in the service industry, especially the security guard industry is difficult. Security services typically operate on a fairly simple business model and your competitors are all providing similar services. So what makes you different? How do you stand out?

Success stems from building a unique selling proposition that adds a value to your security service over competing services. Below we will discuss a few tips that will bring you closer to developing a differentiated selling position that will give you the upper hand in the battle for a new client contract.

Find Your Niche

A niche is a suitable but specific position for your business in an industry. A good start to defining your niche is to look at your strengths, skills and experience, as well as the specific audience you wish to serve. The first step is to establish what type of service you wish to focus on, such as event security or personal protection. Then move forward by determining what sorts of clients you plan to target given the service. Then think of how you will solve their problems. An example target audience for event security services is focusing on medium sized venues such as banquet halls.

Having a defined niche helps you determine upfront the type of service you specialize in and who you provide it to. It allows you to focus your services and send a clear message of who you are and what you offer for potential clients. This allows you to appear as a more specialized and qualified option to your target market compared to companies who serve a broader audience.

Build Your Reputation Through Focused Quality service

Another contributing key factor to building a distinctive selling position is your reputation. It starts from the bottom, once you have chosen your niche, define the ideal skills needed for guards given your focus. Ensure you have an ongoing training program that concentrates on your niche. It should develop the skills and professionalism that allow you to provide the best service for your target market. Have ongoing training and closely manage guards to ensure this.

Over time, this will allow you to be recognized in the industry for having the first-class service for the niche market chosen. In a market not short of the competition, having a strong reputation comes a long way in attracting new clients and developing an advantage over the competition. It aids in the creation of a unique selling proposition.

Be Accountable and Transparent

In the sales process show your client the steps you have taken to provide the best service to your target audience. Tell the potential client what your service is and be transparent about what it can offer them. By displaying what your officers are expected to be doing and how they will do it creates transparency, trust, and accountability between you and the client. In addition, it shows the potential client how focused your service is for them. This again helps create a unique selling experience that will help you to stand out.

Differentiating yourself in a market filled with competing services is always difficult. Finding your niche is a vital first step in the process. Building off that focus and incorporating it into your company culture through the other two tips will put you on a path to success. Incorporating these three ideas into your business will provide you with form, focus and most important a unique selling proposition that will help you stand out.

Celayix Software and Guard Center Announce Strategic Partnership

Celayix Software and Guard Center are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership enabling security companies to easily manage their security operation.

The partnership creates a comprehensive workforce management solution including the security industry’s leading scheduling and time & attendance capabilities of Celayix, paired with Guard Center’s ability to manage a mobile workforce and track activities in real time. This provides supervisors with a holistic view of the operations from the back office to security operations.

“We are excited to enter into a partnership with Celayix. Celayix has a leading scheduling and time & attendance solution and continues to expand the capabilities available to security guard companies,” said Boris Abramovich, CEO of Guard Center. “Our goal is to provide our customers with solutions that can help them manage their security guard operations. This partnership helps us further achieve these goals,” said Gurmit Dhaliwal, Celayix CEO added, “Celayix is excited to be working with Guard Center. This partnership will enable us to deliver a complete experience to help our customers become more efficient and reduce costs.”

Celayix Software delivers a powerful suite of workforce management tools, including employee scheduling software, time & attendance and employee communication for security guarding companies. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of small to enterprise businesses. Celayix Software has over 200 security customers ranging from local specialists to large national guarding companies who provide static, mobile, event and corporate service.

The security guard industry continues to grow rapidly. With the advent of mobile and cloud technology, clients are demanding real-time capabilities for their sites to validate and ensure they are protected. To meet this growth and the changing needs in the market, security operations including site planning, guard tours, scheduling, payroll and billing go hand in hand and by partnering two best of breed solutions, Celayix and Guard Center are providing the security guard industry with the ability to better manage customer relationships and help businesses grow faster.

To learn more about this partnership, please click this link.